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Debt Relief Orders

DRO (Debt Relif Order)

Debt Relief Orders (DRO) are suitable for anyone who owes less than £20,000 and you have little of value and are left with less than £50 at the end of the month.


They are often an alternative to bankruptcy, although you will not be eligible if you are already bankrupt, in an Individual Voluntary arrangement (IVA) or had a DRO in the past six years. A DRO is a way to pay off unsecured debts like credit cards, store cards and loans – as well as rent and council tax arrears. Debts such as court fines, child maintenance and student loans are not included.


If you’re considering a DRO, speak to a professional debt adviser as you can’t set one up by yourself. You can find approved an adviser through organisations like the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or personal debt specialists such as Creditfix.


A DRO currently costs £90 and normally lasts for 12 months. During that time, creditors cannot contact you and if you’re still unable to pay back what you owe by the end, the debts are written off. But it shouldn’t be seen as an ‘easy’ way to write off your debts – a DRO stays on your credit file for six years and may be withdrawn if your income increases. There are also severe penalties for anyone who knowingly provides false information, including court action, fines or even a prison sentence.


For more information on DROs, contact to debt advisers to discuss your case in confidence on 0808 2085 198 or click here.

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